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Earth is a learning area that souls go to in human form to progress, gain experience and knowledge they don’t have innately at their inception. Souls go to Earth so they can advance toward their highest possible level of awareness. The only scenario in the Universe that would not benefit the Architect of Earth and the souls on Earth is one in which humans did not exist prior to birth, and does not reincarnate. A one-time random existence on Earth benefits no one. The few things the souls do not know they must experience. So Earth would have been created, as a place souls could go to try to become complete. With reoccurring appearances on the training area at some point every soul is rich, poor, educated, uneducated, popular, unpopular, happy, or unhappy every soul will be gaining something during a lifetime.


Our review......

A powerful and thought-provoking preamble to Hunter’s “The Earth Experience: How To Understand And Adapt To A Changing World” this is one read that deserves your undivided attention. How To Train A God may be brief but it’s succinct and in exploring the purpose of man, earth and the soul Hunter employs lucid prose  which tap into the core conflictions of philosophers across the centuries. He doesn’t set out to argue his perspective but simply offers an opinion which many will find hard to ignore as he encourages us to reflect on the purpose of our existence. Everyone has their own problems and are dealing with the difficulties of life in some way or another but Hunter reminds us that we are ultimately responsible for our own life, for making ethical choices and for fulfilling our full potential. For those already familiar with Simulation Theory it will prove a welcome read but more importantly, Hunter’s words are imminently readable and perfectly accessible.


Words that are destined to offer solace, aid and inspiration to

many readers, How To Train A God may well change your

outlook on life and is strongly recommended.

Highly inspirational and thought provoking.


How To Train A God

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About C O Hunter

C O Hunter is a military veteran and the owner and publisher of Impact Change Now Incorporated (ICN). My books include the "The Earth Experience" and " How To Train A God". The author’s intent is to provide thought provoking content that allows others to hopefully see the World in new ways and hopefully provide the reader a better reading experience and outlook on life.


ICN was established to encouraging public participation, contribution, and ownership of global and communal issues. ICN promotes improvement, growth, and changes globally through the exchange of ideas, information, and providing accessible resources, and encouraging each individual to conduct their own individual assessments of all current programs, structures, operations, policies, and procedures that impact their daily lives now. The intent of Impact Change Now is not to provide opinions, but encourage each individual human being to develop, re-affirm, and form their own individual opinions, principles, and ideas.

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