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Captain Mariah Gordon, MD, is a talented and successful obstetrician/gynecologist. She lives with her serious, career-oriented lawyer boyfriend, Emery, and enjoys her work as a staff OB-GYN. Unfortunately for her, she’s about to confront a medical mystery that will test her skills, her spirit, and her relationship.


Gordon’s patients are victims of an outbreak of cervical cancer, caused by a super strain of HPV. The virus is aggressive, affecting otherwise healthy, strong young women. More alarmingly, the epicenter of the outbreak appears to be Gordon herself. As Gordon struggles to understand why her patients seem more vulnerable to HPV than others, the strain puts pressure on her relationship with Emery. And when he moves out, a new woman quickly appears in his life—a woman with a hidden agenda and a connection to a tragic event in Gordon’s past. Someone seems to have it in for Gordon, someone capable of wielding a virus like a weapon. Unless Gordon can uncover this unknown antagonist, she may well become the next victim of HPV.


Our review......

A clever and daunting medical thriller, HPV is the debut release from author Norma Rose. Intelligent, with an appealing human dimension, Rose ably manages to combine the conventions of several different kinds of thrillers into one gripping story. There’s medical detective work, military conspiracy and personal tragedy as Rose’s slickly constructed and streamlined narrative brings multiple plot strands together. Underpinning this is her attention to detail and an intimate knowledge of gynecology. A retired doctor she brings a pungent authenticity to her settings and more importantly her characters who are well conceived and imbued with an edgy sense of realism. On this level alone it makes for a gripping page-turner, but Rose truly excels by capitalizing on our fears of viruses. It feels overwhelmingly plausible and it’s this realisation that adds an altogether darker dimension and in a race against time, the stakes are high as a cracking denouement draws ever closer.


A gripping read from the start, HPV proves a strong debut and certainly bodes well for future releases from Norma Rose. Definitely deserving of your attention, it is strongly recommended.

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