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A  Compelling And Original Romance From The Pen Of Gwyn Cooper Flynn

I Think I Love You


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I Think I Love You is the prequel to Loss, Lust and Love, it tells the story of how Paul and Jill got together. The story begins as Paul O'Keefe says goodbye to his lifelong best friend Gerry Butler whom he has known since their first day in school. Gerry's exit leaves a vacancy in Paul's life for a best friend, along comes a new Anaesthetist from Leeds named Dr Jill Rogers a competent fun loving doctor who fits the bill perfectly unfortunately for Paul he falls helplessly in love with her. At first he has to hide his feelings from her as well as the world in general, when he realises she feels the same he has to fight his upbringing and allow himself open up to his feelings. Enjoy this journey with Paul and Jill as their relationship evolves from friendship to lovers, watch Paul balance his life as his circle of loved ones grows and his marriage becomes simply collateral damage.


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A vibrant and compelling prequel, Flynn brandishes her pen with shameless flair as she effortlessly captures the early days of Paul and Jill’s romance. It’s the back story that brings everything from And Emma and Loss, Lust and Love together and in doing so adds an even greater degree of poignancy to the tragic closing chapters off And Emma that followers of Flynn’s series will readily recall. Declining to serve up an archetypal romance in favour of a rather more genuine tale that explores the veracities of love and family Flynn quickly gets to grips with the all-important relationship dynamics whilst her dialogue is characteristically revealing and above all authentic. Yes, it's ultimately a tale of true love but it’s far from pedestrian with Flynn bringing a deep exploration of hope and expectation that permeates throughout her narrative, the characters she portrays and the distinct voices she gives to each. Further exploring the relationship between Paul and Gerry whilst the greater reveal in respect of Melanie adds even more depth to an already captivating series.


With suspense, unresolved sexual tension and a marriage on the rocks I Think I Love You proves another enjoyable release from Cooper and is highly recommended.

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The story Flynn's fans have been waiting for.......

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