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You never know when darkness

is going to cross your path.


Lydia Allison Cantrell was a beautiful child from a seemingly loving family when all hell broke loose. The person who was supposed to love her and protect her from the evils of the world betrayed her in the worst way possible. For years Lydia endured the horrors of her father’s abuse, finding her only solace in her beloved books, and a pure affection from her friend Michael. Until a day came when something, a small flame of a thing began to wake within her.Now, as the flame grows, it threatens to consume not only her but those around her as well, both innocent and guilty. Lydia must choose vengeance or mercy, realizing that both come with a cost that might be too much to pay for a girl so young.


Complex and compelling, Immolation is the new novel from Sam Reese and one likely to garner much merited reflection. Ostensibly a paranormal tale, Reese brings the unadulterated evil of child abuse to the fore. It’s never an easy subject to tackle, yet Reese achieves a notable perspective that is harrowing without ever derogating it to a mere plot device. Sympathetically woven into a thematic undertone it’s a haunting catalyst that echoes throughout, as Lydia realizes the full potential of the power that resides within her. Power that symbolically manifests as fire, but also introduces a level of moral complexity that she must ultimately come to terms with. On this level Reese introduces a chilling and discomforting illustration of the truism that when a child is abused their life is shattered, but through the redemptive power of fiction he provides for transformation and a wholly just denouement.


With an interesting and grounded narrative, Immolation is quite simply heart-breaking at times, but Reese’s plot is compelling and there is no hesitance when it comes to turning the pages. An intriguing debut which bodes well for future releases from author Sam Reese, it is strongly recommended.

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