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With so many self-help books in print it has become increasingly difficult to sort the good from the bad. Individual Advantages: Find the I in Team, however, refreshingly falls into the former category with Dr. Brian Smith bringing a unique perspective to the subject in hand. Central to his thinking and echoed throughout his book is recognizing the complexities of the human experience and the critical importance of self-analysis before beginning any programme centred on personal improvement. It makes sense that the self-help books that work most effectively are those that use tested techniques, offering readers real examples to follow and measurable steps to take and the journey he proposes is in his own words “of and about the individual” as opposed to the prescriptive approaches that sadly dominate the genre.


Rich in detail and thought-provoking reflections Dr. Smith shares many personal anecdotes as he explores our individual advantages, how to leverage them to help ourselves and equally as important the lives of those around us. Structured around seven powerful and poignant chapters he shares with us the need to slow down before exploring the role of ego in reaching our full potential and going on to reflect on the fundamentals of foundation and individualism Each chapter demands serious consideration but as Dr. Smith says “Communication is the key to success in almost all situations” and it is his chapter on communication and in particular self-communication which underlines the importance and indeed the validity of his previous assignations.  


It’s a sad fact that readers with a hunger for quick fixes and magic bullets have given many self-appointed gurus the opportunity to make millions from their books but don’t confuse these with Dr. Smiths offering. Closing with what he describes as “The Ultimate Oxymoron” Individual Advantages: Find the I in Team proves a powerful and informative aid to personal development and a fascinating introduction to his series.


A must read it is recommended without reservation.

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill” – Buddha


Individual Advantages: Find the I in Team (The I in Team Series Book 1)

A Guide To Achieving Prosperity From The Pen Of  Dr. Brian Smith

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About Dr. Brian Smith

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Dr. Brian Smith resides in Algonquin, Illinois with his beautiful wife of 26 years, René, and their two dogs, Maizy and Moose. During the work day, Brian immerses himself in finding business solutions to help his clients succeed (and sometimes this work takes him to riveting locations around the world). His thirty years of business consulting expertise are why many prestigious companies seek his authority on their path to success. Raising a family, developing teams, and influencing over eighteen thousand clients in his lifetime has brought Brian prosperity. When he isn't traveling around the globe, Brian enjoys his time reading, grilling, being with his children, and spending time with René.

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