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Sequel to ‘Righteous Release’, ‘Iniquitous Lives’ picks up on the life of David Chambers eight years on. He is now a history teacher in a secondary school, but still haunted by his strict religious upbringing. He is happily married to Alison until beautiful Sophie Duncan enters his life. Suddenly, David’s world is thrown into confusion when his loyalty to his wife is severely tested.


Adultery, crime & religious bigotry abound in this powerfully compelling sequel by author Richard Gardner. A tremendously evocative read that revels in the commentaries of life, the trials, tribulations and the paths that ultimately define our place in time. It’s a bold and lively telling with Gardner ably distilling the mood through well observed dialogue and familiar characters that are immediately engaging. Each penned with a deft touch, with which he imbues a sense of legitimacy that adds tangible depth to this tale and provides for much reflection. Though not so much that it detracts from a well-considered plot.


Thought provoking and highly satisfying, Iniquitous Lives is a must read for fans of author Richard Gardner, whist being sure to win him many new followers. Definitively recommended.

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Iniquitous Lives

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