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After a horrific car crash, best-selling crime novelist Garth Wainwright has no memory of how he ended up at UCLA Medical Center. In fact, he has no memories at all. Following a month-long hospital stay, he’s released with the clothes he wore on admission, some keys, and a wallet. These are the tools he has to recover his life. A taxi drops Wainwright off at the address on his driver’s license. One of his keys fits the lock, but as he stands in the kitchen, he feels like a burglar in another man’s home. After an exhaustive search, he finds an honorable discharge from the US Navy, a deed to his condo, and a marriage license. There’s just one problem: he has no clue who his wife is. Eventually, he learns that his wife, attorney Lacey Kinkaid Wainwright, was with him during the crash but subsequently vanished. Is she dead? Was her body snatched? Was she kidnapped? The LA Sheriff’s Department says the crash was no accident. Rather, it was a deliberate attempt to murder Wainwright. Logic says the person who tried to kill him is the one who has Lacey. But why? Wainwright’s frantic search for his wife and his lost memories stalls when he discovers evidence of Lacey’s hidden past life—a life that offends him and his sense of morality. Even so, he’s committed to tracking her down and freeing her from whoever’s holding her hostage, no matter the cost.


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A provocatively structured and cleverly executed International Crime Mystery novel, it would be easy to summarise Inside Moves with a few commonplace adjectives. Action packed, inventive, bold, every chapter feels crisp and polished, but there's nothing extraneous here as Danley weaves a tale of genuine intrigue. It’s easy to read, yet highly immersive, as all notable crime fiction should be with Wainwright’s code of honour pushing him through a fog of amnesia toward a truth that will change his perceptions of those closest to him. He’s a strong, driven character who wants the truth out, regardless of the consequences and on this level, it’s fair to say that Danley employs the conventions of his genre in fine form. His narrative has a flow to it that’s natural and involving whilst his prose make Wainwright’s story highly visual. In part, this is due to well-observed characterisation and the unscripted feel to his dialogue which comes across as authenticate and unforced and all in all there’s more than enough here to sate the most voracious of Crime Genre appetites.


Highly entertaining from the start with a superbly crafted plot,

Inside Moves: A Wainwright Mystery suggests a mystery crime series that should garner

much interest and is strongly recommended.

A Finely Crafted International Crime Mystery Novel From Walter Danley

Inside Moves: A Wainwright Mystery

A High Octane Crime Thriller That Will Have

You Perched On The Edge Of Your Seat!

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About Walter Danley

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Walter Danley is a mystery and suspense novelist that took twenty years to write his first novel, The Tipping Point: A Wainwright Mystery. Walter may type slowly, but he writes highly praised fast-paced thrillers to die for!


Danley was inspired to create Garth Wainwright, his protagonist in the series, using elements from his life in investing as the basis of the story. Wainwright learns some valuable lesson in Tipping Point, as we all must to achieve our maximum potential. The firm, the characters, conflicts, conspiracy and murders in the story never happened, but the fraud, sex, and partner greed where significant elements of the syndication business of the 70s and 80s. The Tipping Point reflects the multi-billion dollar real estate syndication business of that time.

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"Writing is utter solitude, the descent

into the cold abysss of oneself."

quote by Franz Kafka

come to the nightmare