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Put the belief that anything can be explained by the application of science to one aside and what is left is a world of endless possibilities. The very same world that author Jill K. Sayre so ably captures in her wonderful debut novel The Fairies Of Turtle Creek.


From the enchanting cover to the very last page turned, Sayre has created a veritable feast for the imaginations of readers young and young at heart. Beautifully written with the most enchanting of illustrations throughout, she weaves her words with a magical touch that imbues each page with a heady sense of adventure.  There is mystery and romance, but The Fairies Of Turtle Creek is far from your run of the mill teen offering.  The plot is flawless, but what truly sets it apart are the recurring themes of fear, loss and belief which Sayre tackles with sensitivity and insight as she confidently blends fantasy with her real world setting. An enviable achievement that will have the most sceptical of readers questioning the boundaries of possibility.


An enchanting tale of magical realism that will capture your heart, The Fairies Of Turtle Creek is in a class of its own and a strongly recommended read.  Enjoy!

Jill K. Sayre - In The Spotlight

The Fairies Of Turtle Creek

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