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Joe is lost.


A sudden widower, he is alone in the trendy apartment he had earned at a great cost to himself. He has nowhere to look but back.


His wife Maya violently murdered, the next week of Joe’s life is a dizzying whirl of revelations and cigarette smoke as he reflects on their time together in the effort to uncover who killed her and why.


On his journey, Joe reluctantly finds and faces himself.


A psychological murder mystery, Joe After Maya by author Marina Raydun is something of an intriguing read. Following Joe through the week after Maya's death, Joe is plagued by images of his dead wife who delivers an incessant string of cryptic commentaries on all that is evolving around him. It’s an interesting device that Raydun has employed, and it certainly keeps the reader guessing, whilst the clues she peppers throughout her plot are cleverly concealed.  Joe himself is something of an enigma and a well-considered narrative brings his conflicted feelings to the fore as he struggles with memories he has long suppressed.  Judiciously avoiding unnecessary complexity Raydun has limited her characters, but given each a distinctive voice and a perspective that will keep readers guessing as to their involvement in Maya’s untimely end. It’s certainly not your typical whodunit, but there is plenty to keep the most ardent of armchair sleuths on their toes.


An undeniably original and a satisfying read, Joe After Maya certainly deserves your attention and is definitely recommended.

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Joe After Maya

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