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The eternally glamorous and exquisitely perceived realm of opera is artfully debunked as award-winning tenor John Graham-Hall makes his author debut with My Wife The Diva. A wonderfully gregarious romp which treats its readers to a humorous and titillating introduction to the world of opera.


A riveting read throughout, Graham-Hall writes with refreshing abandonment as his comic tale about the glamour and tensions of being a soprano in hot demand hurtles forward at a cracking pace. His characters vivid and immediately engaging the reader is left in no doubt that behind the devices of pen and paper resides a finally honed wit.


With an engaging plot Graham-Hall unashamedly runs the gamut of emotions as real life drama turns into backstage travesty when a national opera house faces ruin and a marriage teeters on the knife edge of lust and narcissism. It all makes for a delightful page turner, but there is a serious thread that is hard to ignore, reminding us that no matter which side of the stage we find ourselves  we are all prone to fall before the daily dullness, posturing, self-doubt and closet yearnings that colour our lives.


A page turner sure to be adored by Opera lovers, whilst those on the cusp might well find themselves persuaded to go John Graham-Hall has penned a wonderful debut novel in My Wife The Diva that begs the release of another in the very near future,

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My Wife The Diva

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