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With a bright career ahead of her, math prodigy Juliet Capulet meets a stranger named Romeo while on an island getaway. Their budding relationship seems harmless, but his girlfriend, wealthy socialite Tera Paris, is none too happy about it. And back in the states when their relationship fails to dissolve, Juliet finds herself the victim of a scare tactic gone awry. When her lifeless body is found—the authorities edge closer to finding her killers, with Romeo being the prime suspect. And guilt ridden, he considers the unthinkable. Shockingly Juliet’s star-crossed fate is reversed by an organization whose motives are a mystery to her. And while she adjusts to her new state of being with changes to the psyche among other things, she’s faced with an impossible choice, a new life with the organization or to risk everything for a shot with Romeo.


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A high octane mystery fantasy thriller that rapidly builds momentum, Juliet Must Die is one of those novels that promises much from its opening pages and holds your attention to the very last one. Getting darker and murkier as it goes along, Powell crafts his intriguing plot into so many clever and well-conceived twists that readers actually have to pay attention - something very few thrillers manage to achieve nowadays - to understand its progression and enjoy the premise of its cliffhanger ending. The expected genre tropes are present but it’s a measure of how well Powell succeeds in putting us in Juliet Capulet’s shoes that they never feel dull. A gaming expert and the unwitting subject in a highly classified project her return to life has set her on a new path and it has deadly consequences. Faster reflexes, stronger, lithe, beautiful and out for revenge, Juliet Capulet might be the newest addition to the Mars programme but she’s showing the boys how it's done and it makes for a highly entertaining read.


Pure escapism and a strong start to an original series, Juliet Must Die is definitely recommended.

Juliet Must Die - Book one

Revenge or Love? Juliet has to make an impossible choice

and someone has to pay!

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