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At the tender and problematic ages of 16 and 17, Laura Eckert twice found herself as a patient at an abortion clinic, after her parents had discovered that she was pregnant. Addicted to sex and an overindulgence in alcohol, while maintaining an unhealthy desire for isolation and coping with deep depression, Laura didn’t understand the link between her problems until she was in her thirties, when she was finally able to accept them for what they were. Then, her pursuit of redemption for what she did became relentless as she tackled the dark humiliation she had endured, eventually finding peace within a loving family of her own. Now, in her book, ,Just Another Girl’s Story, Laura relives those traumatic teenage experiences in an honest and genuine account which many will find shocking, harrowing and provocative, and yet implores sympathy and holds the reader spellbound at the same time.  Perhaps you will be inspired to find your own peace within Laura’s story.


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Memoires remain ever popular, especially those about breaking the bonds of an addiction, but few truly connect with their readers and the few that do so tend to be those that are brutally honest. Just Another Girl's Story: Abortion and Addiction Recovery and Finding Redemption certainly falls into the latter category with Eckert pulling no punches as she delivers a moving and determined account of recovery and personal transformation. Compelling and often heart-breaking, it’s a difficult genre in which to write and without a willingness to veer away from safe ground it is often hard to reach readers on an emotional level and yet this is what Eckert does as she shares the most personal and painful parts of her life.


The calling of a memoirist can be daunting and Eckert’s memoir isn’t for the feint hearted. It is elegiac and searching as she reflects on her own sense of drift and isolation and she has a gift for writing through which she conveys a relentless sense immediacy.


Highly introspective and never self-indulgent it makes for a very powerful read and one that is highly recommended.

Perhaps you will be inspired to find your own peace within Laura’s story?

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Just Another Girl's Story: Abortion and Addiction Recovery and Finding Redemption


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I am a Wisconsinite – born and raised in the dairy state. I grew up with green and gold football on Sunday’s in the Fall and Milwaukee Brewer’s baseball in the Spring & Summertime. The men in my life always have, and always will be obsessed with the Green Bay Packers. I am a traditionalist at heart. Christmas is my favorite holiday, from the moment we drop the hand-picked tree in the water, I am captivated by the changed spirits seen in everyday people.  


There is nothing extraordinary about my life, at least not anymore. Like many of you, I experienced pain and regret from years long gone. Through blood, sweat, and tears (and many moons); I’ve learned not to let mistakes I can’t change, define who I am today.

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