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Romance and drama make for an exhilarating tale in Just Sophie, the new novel from author Susan Marmo.  A tale where emotions run deep and the harsh realities of 19th century Montana are ever present, Marmo notably weaves the threads of a well-considered plot to deliver a fast paced and absorbing read. Influenced by the dictates of fate, the evolving romance between Bryce and Sophie is ever present in flowing thematic undertones that will quickly win readers over.   These two are certainly meant for each other and the ever rising tension that prevails provides for some truly memorable moments as the threat of Bert Parker looms ever darker. It’s definitely a tale to keep readers on their toes, with Marmo judiciously avoiding the perils of a trite and predictable plot, whilst her settings are vividly rendered and easily imagined.


A truly enjoyable read that is sure to keep readers engrossed throughout, Just Sophie is the second novel from Author Susan Marmo. Definitely deserving of your attention, it is strongly recommended.

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Just Sophie

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