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Deciding to give archaeology another shot, Karina travels to an ancient city in Mexico, Teotihuacan, a.k.a. The City of the Gods. Little does she know, Dimitry and Lee, her colleagues from Israel and now agents of Mossad, are waiting for her arrival. Being a language expert, she is one of the only people who can help them solve an archaic mystery involving a bioweapon known as the Sphere of Sacrifice. A bioweapon that is rumored to be buried in Teotihuacan. The same one that Esteban, a local criminal and weapons dealer, has promised to sell to a terrorist organization.


Once again, Karina finds herself plummeting headfirst into the chaos of otherworldly events, prophecies, magical objects, and primordial gods. This time, however, she has the help of a local shaman. A man whose information about the dangerous artifact connects Karina to the historical legacy that set this entire riddle in motion. Should she believe him? His information is far from what Karina wants to hear, but it’s what she needs to hear. For the only way she can stop Esteban, destroy the Sphere of Sacrifice, and save countless of lives is if she understands her own destiny and is willing to live it.


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A scintillating sequel to Karina Whitt and the Gateway to Jinetha the latest release from Viktoria Nikola is sure to be well received. An imaginative and spirited author who effortlessly brings the ambience of an ancient world to life in a contemporary setting Nikola revels in the intricacies of power, subterfuge and the mythical to deliver an enthralling contemporary fantasy that firmly establishes her credentials. With a persuasive plot and keen descriptive prose, her passion for archaeology renders scenes that are compelling and immersive, pulling readers into her storyline. Intriguing and beguiling as past and present become intrinsically linked it certainly makes for a highly satisfying read but its characterisation that ultimately sets this sequel apart. Familiar characters are back but rather than rest on her laurels Nikola continues to develop them. They’re first and foremost likeable, but more than this they have their own journeys which add both momentum and depth.


Taking the Karina Whitt series to another level Karina Whitt And the City of the Gods proves a highly enjoyable sequel and is recommended without reservation.

Karina Whitt – an archaeologist by choice, a heroine by chance.


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In 1991 my family and I immigrated to America from Russia. I didn't become fluent in English until I was about eight years old. Even so, I wrote my first poem in English when I was 12 and my first story when I was 13.  


My first couple of novels were historical fantasies, which I have yet to publish. After I finished working on them, I started on the Karina Whitt series. So here I am, still writing the Karina Whitt series and brainstorming my next few novels.

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Karina Whitt And the City of the Gods

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