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The diamond-shaped relic she finds releases a genie that looks like the girl next door, but looks are deceiving. Unfortunately Jinnie, as she calls herself, doesn't grant Karina three wishes. Instead, she brings the news that Karina is the only one who can aid Jinnie in a life-and-death mission to save an entire civilization. Suddenly Karina finds herself plummeting into a strange and perilous world called Jinetha. She joins forces with Jinnie to battle over control of an ancient energy source known as The Eye Of Divinity. On top of everything else, she learns that two mysterious guys from her archaeological dig are involved in this otherworldly mess. But can she trust either of them? Kalim, the local heartthrob who makes her knees weak, seems too good to be true. And she can tell that Lee, the Mossad operative, is hiding something. Before she knows it, Karina is in way over her head. She’s not made of hero material. How can she possibly come through? But she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't. And the Jinetheans wouldn't be able to live at all.


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An imaginative page turner, Karina Whitt and the Gateway to Jinetha is the debut release from Viktoria Nikola. A fun read from the start, Nikola sets out to do two things: deliver an original story and an adventure that hurtles readers through a series of breathless encounters. She isn’t going for emotional complexity and yet like the best of reads her narrative foundation is personal and passionate. Too many Fantasy novels go for wall to wall action, but in small graceful details Nikola has invested well in establishing her characters so we care about what they do and how they do it, leading us to feel there are issues at stake which are greater than simply which side wins. Karina, Jinnie, Kalim and Lee are developed as individuals whilst the complexity of Jinetha proves a genuine escape from reality for the duration of the read. On this level alone, if Nikola simply wanted to entertain, then she certainly succeeds.


A highly engrossing and above all original debut for  Viktoria Nikola,  Karina Whitt and the Gateway to Jinetha  is sure to delight fans of this ever popular genre. It is strongly recommended.

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Just when Karina, a Russian-American archaeology student, decides that this supposedly exciting archaeology dig in Israel is more boring than a Monday morning pop quiz, she discovers an artifact that turns her world inside out.


Karina Whitt and the Gateway to Jinetha

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Book two, Karina Whitt and the City of the Gods is due to be released in the Fall 2016. Stay tuned.

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