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Kellcey by Kacey Kells tells the story of a bright happy teenager living in Victoria, British Columbia, with her parents and sister, Cindy. Their idyllic family life is shattered by the untimely death of Cindy and Kellcey becomes increasingly lonely as her grief stricken parents constantly bicker, blaming each other for the untimely death of their daughter. Kacey (alias Kellcey), a beautiful teenage girl, is unable to find the love and attention she needs at home and finds it in Ben, a fellow student at her high school. Head over heels in love with Ben, she commits herself totally to him, despite her reservations about the company he keeps. A horrific sexual assault at a party where Ben fails her badly, is to leave Kellcey traumatised and unable to continue to live in her beloved Canada. She tries to rebuild her shattered life in far off London with a new friend and an online alter ego: 'Kellcey'. Kacey Kell's compelling and at times disturbing book takes us on the teenager's life journey. Courageously, she deals with the dramatic issue of violence against girls and women, and its consequences.


Our review......

Overwhelmingly candid and powerfully thought provoking, Kellcey brings a difficult and sensitive subject out of the darkness and into focus whilst showcasing the talents of inspirational debut author Kacey Kells. An intensely powerful read and a creative response to Kells own period of profound trauma it feels intensely personal from the very start whilst her acute observations are deeply moving. Abuse in any form is not an easy subject to write about for fear of the melodramatic outweighing the narrative theme but Kells has struck an equitable balance and many readers will be grateful for her courage and openness. Like any work of fiction a story is the sum of its parts and at its most elementary it needs strong characterization to bring it to life with a writer capable of conveying events to maximise their impact. Kells does this. She engages our moral compass and our sense of right and wrong, and causes our skin to prickle because a story like this should always leave us reflecting on what we have read.


Overwhelmingly candid and not easily forgotten

Kellcey proves an absolute must read

and is recommended without reservation.

Courageously told, powerful and compelling!



A Powerful And Compelling Debut By Author Kacey Kells

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About  Kacey

Hi, I'm Kacey Kells. I was born and raised In Vancouver Island, but I now live and study in London, UK.


Like all teenage girl, I was in love and blissfully happy... until that awful night when I was sexually assaulted. But the worst was to come: because it is very hard to recover from such a traumatic experience.


Hence, I wrote this book, 'KELLCEY', (I had to!) to speak out, to explain... to break the silence, to testify about the consequences of male domination over women and its ultimate consequence: rape culture.

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