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China, the eve of the September 11 attacks. A powerful cyber weapon is about to be released. Only one man can stop it ...


Journalist and SIS (MI6) contract agent George Quant arrives on the run in Beijing. Estranged from Karen, his Moscow-based handler, George is thrust into Asia's clandestine underworld of gentleman spies, nefarious business people, and murderous Party members. With his past catching up with him, George discovers that not everyone in China can be trusted. At the centre of George Quant's dilemma lie two men: investor-adventurer Pierce de Havilland, and Karen's trusted contact known only as "Ho". Both successful in their own right, the rivals offer diverging perspectives on China's future. As their intentions grow clearer, George recognises that an important choice looms - adopting the life of a millionaire fugitive, or accepting the call of a higher moral imperative. From his initial assignment in Cambodia in the late '90s - between the drinks, drugs and dangerous card games - George's high octane adventures spill across London, Moscow, and Beijing, before culminating in Hong Kong. Alarmed by Karen's increasing demands and damaged by her unrequited love, he begins to search for a way to disentangle himself from an expanding web of deception.


True to the tradition of all great spy thrillers, Kill With A Borrowed Knife is the dynamic new novel from author Michael Wreford. A riveting high stakes read which is unashamedly abundant when it comes to action, Wreford brings an edgy sense of authenticity to his tale with an intricate and multi layered plot that is far from predictable.  Intelligent and intriguing he is careful to maintain a much coveted balance between suspense and tension whilst his narrative evolves at a blistering pace with an eclectic array  of inspired characters and well observed dialogue. Insightfully crafting a shadowy world that delivers an immersive and authentic feel he leaves his readers in no doubt as to the calibre of the wordsmith behind the pen. Yes, it would be easy to draw comparisons to other iconic characters in this hugely popular genre, but in truth it would be disingenuous to Wreford who has genuinely created an original and wholly endearing protagonist in the persona of George Quant.


Uncompromising and intelligent, Kill With A Borrowed Knife is an exceptional spy thriller which certainly bodes well for future novels by Wreford. It is recommended without reservation!

Michael Wreford - In The Author Spotlight

Kill with a Borrowed Knife

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