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One night.

Two bullets.

Three runaways.


Addy Michaels, living a cautious life on a Washington State forgotten back road, thinks she's safe-, that the past and its corpses are long buried. Surely after fifteen years the cops have quit looking for the street kids believed to have kidnapped a baby and killed their prostitute foster mother, Belle Bliss. Addy couldn't be more wrong. The cold case is made hot again, when the missing child's grandmother hires renowned profiler Cade Harding to find her grandson. Cade discovers that all roads lead to Addy. But a twisted killer follows in his professional footsteps, on the hunt for anyone who can tell the truth about killing Bliss. Cade plans to find Addy and turn her in. He doesn't plan on an attraction that skews his judgment and puts both their lives at risk.


Delivering a memorable novel in the Romantic Suspense genre is all about finding the perfect balance between its requisite elements and that’s exactly what E. C. Sheedy achieves in her novel Killing Bliss. Mysterious and intriguing, she skilfully weaves a plot that has depth, excitement and a nail biting denouement with superb characterization. Her main protagonists, Ally and Cade are exceptionally well drawn, both characters growing throughout the novel and given to much soul searching as they come to define the boundaries of their burgeoning relationship. Hauntingly dark at times, the suspense is palpable, but not so heavy as to detract from the romantic elements, with Sheedy delivering an acerbic narrative that hints at the overall story arc whilst drip feeding tantalizing clues throughout. An immersive read that is rich and enthralling, there is a notable balance here that will sate the appetites of romance fans and armchair sleuths alike.


Certainly a relentless page-turner with an abundance of enticing plot twists and turns, Killing Bliss is a novel by an author at the top of her game and is most definitely deserving of your attention. It is recommended without reservation!

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Killing Bliss


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