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King's Envoy

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Taran Elijah's quest for knowledge uncovers a plot that threatens the world... In Albia, the fourth realm, the precious Artesan gift is dying. Although born to the craft, Taran is struggling to achieve his potential. Against his friends' advice, he embarks on a foolhardy plan to acquire the teaching he craves. Alone, he crosses into Andaryon, the fifth realm, but instead of finding a mentor, he stumbles upon a treacherous plot. In the wake of Taran's actions, Albia suffers a series of vicious raids. Major Sullyan of the High King's forces is sent to oppose them. But a dark and treacherous force is moving through the realms and both Taran and Sullyan will feel its power. Their craft, the lives of their friends, the very existence of their realm are under threat unless they expose and oppose the evil.


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A beguiling fantasy adventure, Kings Envoy is book 1 in the Artesans of Albia trilogy by Cas Peace. An author with the ability to bring her imagination to lush life, Peace has a style of writing that’s both engaging and stimulating. She certainly delivers a fun well-paced narrative with unfolding events that feel wholly unique to the fantasy world she has built and she’s not afraid to embrace big ideas with her prose creating visually impressive backdrops that feel engagingly authentic. There’s lashings of action and meticulously crafted intrigue which combine to deliver an addictive pulpy pleasure that keeps the pages turning, but the real allure of Peace’s novel is to be found in her characters. Through the devices of tension and smart dialogue she repeatedly succeeds in hijacking readers expectations, giving us the opportunity to explore Taran Elijah's quest from his perspective without ever losing sight of the grander adventure at hand.


A shrewd and above all enjoyable start to the Artesans of Albia trilogy, Kings Envoy will certainly find favour with fans of this ever popular genre and an enthusiastic following beyond. Deserving of a place on your bookshelf it is recommended without reservation.

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