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In 1980, Professor Mike Borden and his students are excited to go on an archaeological expedition to Banks Island, which is located in the western High Arctic. They discover what they're looking for and so much more. Unfortunately, the world they left behind changes dramatically in their absence leaving them stranded in an unforgiving land that is both deadly cold and terrifyingly dangerous. Mike’s team, Brad, Carla, Eric, and Kate prepared for every field contingency before heading North, well at least those situations that were predictable. Sometimes; however, the unexpected happens, and that's when things can go wrong, just horribly wrong.


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A captivating and assured survivalist novel, The Last Entry proves refreshingly intelligent and deeply affecting. Far too often stories of this nature devolve into predictable man-against-nature narratives but here Will ably manages to subvert cornier escapist expectations to deliver a spiritual element that is both surprising and fiercely resonant of his Arctic setting.  Written with precision and imaginative prose he captures an air of authenticity that brings a fascinating sense of dread to his pages and elevates his plot beyond a series of trite challenges. His characters feel overwhelmingly real as they face the ravages of an extreme climate and their surrounding topography, capturing emotionally fraught moments and allowing us to savour the implications of events as they transpire. Generating tension and suspense but toying with convention by introducing unexpected but none the less inspired perspectives. Steadfastly thrilling and underpinned by robust research it’s on this level that Will’s fiction ultimately comes together to seduce and remind us how we are ultimately humbled by nature as he leads us towards a stirring and shattering denouement.


A highly enjoyable read from start to finish and a must read for the

winter months, Last Entry is highly recommended.


Last Entry

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I wanted to be an archaeologist since I was a little kid. The fascination with discovering old things and learning new things about them encouraged me to earn a doctoral degree in Anthropology 1985. I've worked on archaeological sites in the High Arctic, excavated Precontact period Native American sites all over New England, and even Montana. What a thrill. I've seen a lot and written a lot about the past. Author of many scientific reports and articles, I'm now interested in taking technical, archaeological literature and translating it into enjoyable fiction.

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