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When he approaches her at the market, he has no idea the next three weeks of his life would change him forever. It’s the late 1980s, summertime, on the North Shore of Long Island. The air stirs with possibilities as it often does during this time of year. And so begins the romance between one Hispanic seventeen-year-old male, on the verge of manhood and ready to conquer the world, and one beautiful and intelligent young woman named B. It is much more than romance, though. B will forever become a part of this young man’s soul. He will never forget her. A a coming-of-age story, a love story, replete with milestones, tangled emotions, and adventures that are the embodiments of first love. Not just for the young, but for the young at heart.


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Last Exit To Montauk is one of those novels where the subject matter could easily have become saccharine and silly but in Vega’s talented hand the care and handling of the most insignificant details proves wholly magical. Not only in the way it is written, but for the manner through which the characters are revealed to us and Vega’s dazzling narrative that dances through the sights and sounds of Long Island in the 1980s. A moving, elegiac story of first love between Mijo and B, Vega has a remarkable economy of prose that lends itself well to his subject and allows him to transcend the story's more obvious clichés. A novel like this could easily have been vulgarised with a focus on teenage sex and the melodramatic angst of youth but Vega is far too canny an author for that. He understands that when writing about love it’s not only rooted in dialogue but in the silent musings that occupy its characters' minds and this is where his novel truly excels. With countless subtle moments of growing love he perfectly captures the right notes and shading to bring his characters to life. But love is not a certainty and the poignancy of Vega’s shocking denouement is one that will linger well beyond the last page.


A talented author who brings a distinctive literary voice to the genre,

Vega has delivered a corker of a read and Last Exit To Montauk is recommended without reservation.

How often have you looked back on your

high school experiences and just thought . . . WOW.


Last Exit to Montauk

A Coming Of Age Romance From The Pen Of Phillip Vega

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Phillip Vega has always been a storyteller, but he’d never put pen to paper until a few years ago. Suddenly, he had a publishing contract, and in the midst of the vortex of marketing, analytics, refining, and continuing to write, he discovered what he defines as his true calling, his passion. He is now fully and happily immersed in the whirlwind that is the publishing industry, even as he diligently continues his work in software sales.


Phillip is a Long Islander with Hispanic roots, now living Florida, and it is from those memories of summers in Long Island that he crafted his book, Last Exit to Montauk. Now he can’t stop his brain from working through new ideas for future stories.

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