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How would you feel if you didn't have a name or didn't know where you were or even what you were? Little Wing finds himself precisely in such a dilemma. Lucky for him, he befriends Lou, a caterpillar, who tells him how to find the answers deep in Butterfly Forest. But there are many dangers in the forest, and Little Wing must be extremely cautious. What will happen to him? Will he succeed in getting the answers to his questions?


A beguiling tale of wonder and delight, author Jake Taylor has created an enchanting children’s tale in Little Wing: Who Am I, Where Am I, What Am I. Weaving deceptively simple words with the beguiling illustrations of Claudia B Montero, it is sure to capture the imaginations of all who turn its pages. Each chapter cleverly contrived to ensure young minds don’t wander, Taylor delivers a timeless adventure that attests to his ability to keep readers spellbound throughout. Told in timely prose and memorable turn of phrase, it’s original and intriguing but most notable for the subtle messages it seeks to impart. Messages deftly captured in thematic undertones, that explore those questions children are bound to ask and encourage an understanding of the world about them. A journey of magical discovery that ultimately transcends the page and continues to evolve into latter years.


Highly memorable with all the hallmarks of a classic, Little Wing will not only bring a smile to the faces of young readers. but is sure to be enjoyed by parents as well. It is recommended without reservation!

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Little Wing

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