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The nature of life is such that we always have to face challenges either large or small. It is easy to get bogged down by problems, which in turn cloud our thinking process, making it even more difficult for us to surmount difficult situations. Would it not be wonderful if we had a tool, which could help raise our level of thinking, which would allow solutions to emerge from within us? A Mind Map Mandala is precisely that thinking tool, which can help us in life’s multiple situations. When Mind Mapping is combined with the ancient art of Mandala, involving color and images, it becomes even more potent in opening hitherto unknown doors for us. You will discover in this Book how Mind Map Mandala’s can help you.


Our review......

The popular trend for Grownups to turn the soothing art of colouring in continues unabated. Intricately designed books, many created specifically to help us de-stress and focus the mind, do they have a place in project management and personal development? When focusing deeply on a simple task, other anxieties become less present, less pervasive, allowing for greater clarity of thought and this is the principle that underpins Dutt’s Live Life Colorfully. Readers familiar with Dutt's previous release, Mind Maps for Effective Project Management will be in no doubt as to depth and breadth of knowledge he brings to the subject and here he shares another powerful tool for turning great ideas into a functional reality. The act of coloring utilizes both hemispheres of the brain and the simple act of doing vs. observing has been shown by many psychologists to be a powerful alternative to meditation. Clearly demonstrating how Mind Map Mandalas can achieve powerful results Dutt presents a professional and above all accessible incentive to explore their full potential whilst building a framework for further development.


Another excellent release from Maneesh Dutt, Live Life Colorfully

is recommended without reservation.

Discover how Mind Map Mandala’s

can help you achieve your goals.


Live Life Colorfully

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