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Almost one out of every ten adults and teenagers living in the United Kingdom are affected by some form of depressive illness. Thats a ten-fold increase from seventy years ago, and if it remains unchecked, almost everyone living in the U.K. will be depressed by the year 2100. The problem is just as bad if not worse in other parts of the world. Nick Weatherhogg, who has suffered from depression for many years, explores what it means to battle the condition in this inspirational book. He explains the situational, biochemical, and other causes of depressionand what treatments may be most effective. He argues that we need to conduct more research on depression. If we fail to do so, depression could become the worlds number one health problem by the year 2030. People do not choose to become depressed, but they can choose to fight their way out of the darkness. Join the author on a journey that offers the chance to keep enjoying life while Living with Depression.


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The statistics for those suffering with depression are sobering and Living With Depression proves both a timely and poignant read. An insightful compendium of reflections from Nick Weatherhogg that integrates personal and established medical interventions it combines the broader elements of self-help whilst recognising the world of difference between those who feel depressed and those who actually suffer from depression. Drawing on his training in psychoanalysis and his own suffering from severe depression he brings a unique perspective to an illness that has no quick fixes or painless solutions. Depression doesn’t discriminate. Many celebrities are or have been depressives and chapter four in Living With Depression leaves us in no doubt as to the scale of those impacted. More importantly though it cuts through the stigma to remind sufferers that they are not alone. Equally powerful are Weatherhogg’s chapters on the mathematics of depression and the rethinking of priorities. As a teacher of mathematics he reduces an illness of significant complexity down to a simple formula which facilitates much by way of self-reflection and which he further builds upon in his chapter on rethinking priorities. The advice he gives is both broad and personal, but it’s arguably the most important chapter in Weatherhogg’s book. Reminding those suffering from depression that there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.


Timely, informative and above all well written. Living With Depression is a must read for anyone dealing with depression or seeking to expand their knowledge on the subject. It is recommended without reservation.

People do not choose to become depressed, but they can choose to fight their way out of the darkness.


Living With Depression

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A Few Words From Nick Weatherhogg

"Love life! Life can be tough, but it is worth living" -  I have had a lifelong interest / fascination (some would say obsession) with random / interesting / fun / bizarre facts - and that forms the basis for "An interesting year". But the format is unique. A page a day - with information on one famous person born on each date, one who died ... and a bizarre fact for the day as well. Would make an excellent Christmas present, or birthday, or anniversary, or ..... Would be great for your partner, parent, grandparent, auntie Maude, your neighbours, your child's teacher, .... I think you get the idea. Great on your bedside table, coffee table or in the loo for a quick read! Pretty versatile in fact.


In life you can be a victim or you can be victorious. I was sacked .... for being bullied, and for being ill. Could have quit, could have given up .... but, while looking for a new job, I got down to writing and this is the result. My heart is in this book, my lifelong passion ... and (to be honest) sales are needed for the salary I lost. No pressure ... but the more copies you buy, the better Christmas presents my children get!

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