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A Best In Genre Romantic Mystery From The Pen Of Gwyn Cooper Flynn

Loss, Lust and Love


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Paul O’Keefe is a respected Neurosurgeon, he has 2 teenage children Anna and Josh whom he adores, he is living in a loveless marriage with an alcoholic but financially independent wife for the sake of his children. Paul for the past year and a half has been having a very sexual secret relationship with Jill a colleague with whom he is totally in love. When fate forces his hand bringing his relationship out into the open and Melanie is murdered Paul finds himself as chief suspect in his wife’s murder. At risk of losing everything in his professional life, he struggles to clear his name as his personal life improves, This is the story of how one man with so much to lose professionally can have so much to gain personally. This story shows the man’s sexual growth and how the true love of his lover and children can bring him through anything.


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A deceptively racy and a subtly unpredictable drama, Loss, Lust and Love proves an intriguing debut for Flynn. Consistently engrossing and brimming with surprises it’s one of those novels that manages to be quite a bit more than it appears on the surface and on this level it is a good choice for readers who are interested in a mature romance. At its heart, it’s a bittersweet story about feelings, second chances, and finding yourself and to this end Flynn delivers a narrative that moves steadily forward, gathering momentum, substance and intensity as the circumstances around Melanie’s murder come into focus. The plot is crisply handled with some surprising twists but most importantly Flynn manages to avoid clichés in favour of realism and plausibility. This is Paul’s and Jill’s story and it’s their relationship that dominates as they rally against the dark subtext of events that have touched their lives. Flynn maintains the suspense with emotional currents subtly nuanced so they never feel forced with all plot threads leading a cracking ending.


A genuinely entertaining romance mystery that readers will find wholly absorbing, Love, Lust and Loss is certainly recommended.

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True love will conquer all.

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