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Doctor Marcela Warrick embarks on research for biotech Everjein in which she is to spend five years isolated in a hermitically sealed habitat in the Antarctic. The results could see Everjein profit from a government contract to establish the first human colony on Titan. The project includes specialists in agriculture, technology, engineering and medicine. Marcela, agriculturalist, meets Doctor Kian Barret whose only goal is to establish a successful, off world, human breeding program through implantation of surrogates with genetically chosen embryos. Meanwhile on mainland Australia, Detective Zoe Moore finds herself investigating a series of unexplained fatalities in which the link between the victims is amniotic fluid in their mouths and inexplicable traces of an experimental drug in their toxicology, connecting them directly to Barret's research. As the body account increases Zoe and her team find themselves investigating events that defy scientific explanation and that may well threaten the survival of the human species.


Seamlessly blending the boundaries between science and fiction, Lost Souls is Book 1 in the Disciples Of Cassini Triology from author Penny De Byl. Taut and packed with powerful ideas, it’s underpinned by a well-conceived plot as De Byl explores the ethical price to be paid when trying to play God. Well written, it may be an increasingly popular theme, but De Byl delivers an imaginative narrative that gathers real momentum, whilst rapid pacing ensures emotional intensity and broad thrilleresque appeal without the overwhelming presence of increasingly farfetched technology. There’s genuine depth to be found here, as De Byl deftly sidesteps cliché to populate her tale with original characters and none more so than Zoe Moore. Engaging and highly plausible, she proves a sharp witted protagonist with her dogged pursuit of answers providing for more than a little soul searching on the subject of genetic ethics.


A tale that looms large in the imagination and sure to spark thoughtful discussion, Lost Souls is an undeniably memorable start to the Disciples Of Cassini Triology. Definitely deserving of your consideration it is highly recommended!

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Lost Souls

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