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The creative thought is the foundation of all being and this thought must not go away with rational logic, in order the whole structure of the universe lies into this thought and we can call it love. The idealist thinks that the basis of everything is thought and the materialist is that of matter, but I think, that all is based on the thought, when not only the thoughts remain, because remain only love. Let love be so great in your heart that the whole world will fit into it.

Author, John Adam


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A rare literary treat that delivers a wonderful balance of spiritual insight, reflection and discovery, Love At First Sight, might well be a debut release but John Adam proves a formidable writer. A deep and beautifully penned novel that explores love and relationships in a world dominated by social media Adam creates a rare sense of immediacy as he writes, his characters instilled with a certain vibrancy that lifts them beyond their time and place as he brings them vividly to life. This is one of those novels that can’t be reduced to generic genre labels without being disingenuous with his prose creating a sense of authenticity that is sadly far too rare in today’s romantic erotica novels and it’s this inimitable quality of Adam’s writing that makes Love At First Sight a true masterpiece. More importantly, he respects the eccentricities of his characters rather than exaggerating them and this endows his narrative with the emotional resonance that makes the burgeoning relationship between Susan and Juozas so good. Set against multiple cultural backdrops and locations Adam’s descriptive ability paints scenes that are compelling and immersive, pulling readers into the storyline as if they were experiencing the reality themselves.


A powerful and persuasive romance novel that pulsates with lyrical flair,

Love At First Sight, proves a must-read for fans of the genre

and is highly recommended.


A rare literary treat that delivers a wonderful balance of spiritual insight, reflection and discovery.


Love At First Sight

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