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Author  Jolene Cazzola - BookViral Spotlight Review

Love's Illusions: A Novel

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"Simultaneously engaging, heart wrenching and all consuming!"


Jackie Moretti always believed in fairy tale endings. But what happens when the fairy tale ends and real life begins? Coming of age in the early 1970s.  she's caught between the world of Ozzie and Harriet and the Age of Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll. When her world abruptly cracks in two, Jackie is forced to deal with the consequences of soul-shattering deception if she's ever to find love again.


Sexy, motorcycle riding, mechanic, Michael Nowak recognizes Jackie's vulnerability from their first encounter grabbing her attention and not letting go. The small-time drug dealer provides both intoxicating sex and drugs to distract her from her crumbling life. As their feelings grow from lust to love, Michael gets roped into a larger scale criminal operation than he ever thought possible.


Can they save each other and overcome the struggles of the heart or will their world consume them?


Our review......

An exciting and sexy read from the very start, Love’s Illusion is the new release from debut author Jolene Cazzola. An author who instinctively understands the devices of suspense and tension and uses them to maximum effect, Cazzola ably avoids the genre pitfalls of stringing a series of contrived events one after another in a tedious stream of clichés and in doing so delivers a genuinely atmospheric read. With an upbeat narrative aptly framed by the books title there are a number  of cleverly articulated surprises that always seem congruent with time and place with rich thematic undertones that bring the historical aspects of her novel to life. On this level she advances her plot with a fine eye for detail but without the weight of undue complexity though ultimately it’s her characters and the more erotic elements that keep the pages turning. Jackie and Michael simply have great chemistry. They might be lacking in morals but there is an air of vulnerability about them which makes them highly endearing as the temperature rises!


With all the hallmarks of a popular and enduring series, Love's Illusion is certainly deserving of your attention and is strongly recommended.

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