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The Language Of Love Has Never

Been So Intoxicating

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Author  Jolene Cazzola - BookViral Spotlight Review

Love's Journey

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When life intervenes,

give love a second chance.

Nothing in Jackie Moretti’s young life has gone as planned. The fairy tale existence she believed in had fallen apart. Her husband’s hidden impulses and lies caused their marriage to crumble. And even her new relationship with sexy bad boy, Michael Nowak seems to have expired. Or has it?


Michael’s California drug operation is bringing in the coin, but without Jackie, his life feels empty. When a tragic event brings him back to Chicago, he has a choice to make: keep letting life throw him in the same direction or take things into his own hands.


As Jackie and Michael reunite, old wounds and new complications could make their heartbreak even more devastating than the first time around. Unless a new friend and an old lover can set them on the path of a new life together


Our review......

Alluring, but above all entertaining. Love’s Journey is the second release in the Love’s Illusion series by Jolene Cazzola  Some novels keep you guessing, some make you care deeply about the characters, once in a while a book comes along that delivers on both counts.  With intriguing sub currents Cazzola creates characters’ who have lives of their own, who don't exist simply at the convenience of the plot and always feel wholly congruent with her seventies Chicago setting which she captures in subtly nuanced dialogue and acerbic observation. At the centre of her narrative is the repartee between Jackie and Michael. Suffice to say they have obstacles to overcome. Most romance novels begin as a given; we know from the first chapter who will be together when the last page is turned, but Cazzola keeps us guessing. Taking the form and feel of a romantic thriller she makes us care about her protagonists and because we can’t help liking them their relationship transcends all of the plots twist and turns to take on an importance of its own.


A multi layered and intelligent novel which will quickly draw you in, Love's Journey proves a welcome  addition to the Love's Illusion series. Raising the bar for future releases in Jolene Cazzola's continuing saga, it is highly recommended.

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