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When do feelings turn from a crush to love? Do you know it is happening, or is it a gradual slide that you don’t notice? It’s a question Maeve would like to answer.


Sometimes love hits you at the worst and most inappropriate times. It is irrational but never ending. In those times you have to have the patience to see things through. And faith, Philip thought, that the love he kept to himself would be returned in time.


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Tensions mount and emotions flare as the focus turns from Olivia and Dante to Maeve and Philip in Trey's second novel in The Harris Legacy saga and it’s sure to be well received by her fans. Racy and more than a little risqué in places Trey has once again fanned the flames of romance as the Romero royal family find themselves dealing with tabloid speculation and the paparazzi fallout from the age differences between Maeve and Philip who in the eyes of the world also happens to be her uncle!  It’s certainly an interesting theme and with the obligatory twists along the way, Trey handles it with an insightful narrative and acerbic prose. These alone are reasons to pick up a copy and start reading but as with her first novel in the series, Olivia, where Trey really distinguishes herself as an author is in the development of her characters. The characters of Maeve and Philp are well drawn but it's Trey's gift for social nuance and observation that brings them to life as they come to terms with their feelings for each other.


Another highly enjoyable and fresh read from Trey, Maeve: Crush on a Prince is a must-read for fans of the genre and is highly recommended.

Another Smouldering Romance From The Pen Of Author Jasper Trey

Maeve: Crush on a Prince (The Harris Legacy Book 2)

“My love for you is like TT, irrational and never ending.”

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I'm a part-time Math teacher and yoga instructor, but a full time mother and wife. I love being outside and helping my husband with the farm.


Writing allows me to live so many different lives all of my own making! Come live life in someone else's shoes with me. Everyone deserves a little happy ever after in their life, sometimes its through a good story and sometimes its just your life that you are living. Find some happiness everyday!

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