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Set in a bustling meadow in the Colorado highlands, Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie is a light-hearted story about a rabbit who might have hopped right out of Mayberry and onto the black-and-white, boldly-illustrated page. But the adventures of this warm-fuzzy bunny won’t lull you to sleep. Life in the meadow for Bunkie Bernstein is no picnic – at least not until he gains access to the tasty vegetable patch on the Murdock Farm – a feat that requires the help of a scurrilous snake and shape-shifting flower. When a fire in the forest forces Bunkie to move, he befriends a pika that he just can’t quite trust. Whoever heard of a rabbit that can’t jump, anyway? Things start to look up when Bunkie meets, Beatrice. This beautiful, cotton-white female rabbit is like a dream. However, Bunkie quickly learns that Beatrice is the one dreaming when he discovers that this beautiful bunny thinks she is human! Their eventful year comes to a close just as winter sets in, but not before encountering a ghost in the burrow – a perfect mystery on one fall hallowed eve.


Our review......

A heart-warming story of curiosity and delight, Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie by author Shelley Brown proves a somewhat enthralling children’s tale for younger readers. Weaving deceptively simple prose with delightful illustrations that are representative of how young readers see common country animals, the narrative is easy to relate to whilst thoughtfully nuanced dialogue helps bring the characters to life. Each chapter is an enchanting themed adventure within itself with little plot twists that are archetypal of the genre and ensure the attention of easily distracted minds. They’re original and intriguing, but most notably they encourage children to ask questions and introduce an altogether beguiling perspective on the world about them. This is reflected in the way Bunkie interacts with the animals he meets and brings a prevailing sense of innocence to Brown's tale. In many ways it’s a journey of magical discovery that ultimately transcends the page and continues to evolve into latter years and on this level it’s sure to captivate the imaginations of all who turn its pages.


A genuine joy to read and one to be added to your child’s reading shelf, Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie has all the hallmarks of a classic children’s tale and is highly recommended.

Author & Illustrator Shelley Brown - In The BookViral Spotlight

Magic, Mayhem and Life Underground with Bunkie

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