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For anyone one who has ever experienced the electrifying intensity of true love, yearned for more, hidden their deepest longings or experienced the devastation of true love lost, these are the words you will return to time and time again.


Visually powerful, poetically mesmerising, Myers elevates love and the emotions that embrace us to their proper place in the narratives we construct about why we love and the sacrifices we make for the ones we love. Poems of lasting power, The Kiss & Remember Me will linger long beyond the turn of their pages and will make you think of love from entirely different perspectives.Read it with a lover, talk about it with a friend, share it and know you are never alone in the way you feel inside.


Our Review......

If the subtitle of "An Exploration of Love & Lust" makes you expect something lewd or lascivious, you're not going to find it in Masquerade. Not that you would be disappointed, how could you be? Myers’ poetry is classy, beautiful, and overtly elegant. But at the same time, if you allow his titillating, thrilling words to paint pictures for you, you just might find yourself turning to your partner to share his passion with that person. We’ve hit an important moment in poetry where there are lots of poets publishing now, but criticism has not kept up with diversity. Poetry continues to change and yet the classics are still beloved and it’s this forever rich and alluring dance of prose that Myers has come to epitomize.


Masquerade has been described as darkly sensual and that it is, without being crass or salacious and always manages to strike the right balance between the whimsical and the moving. There's no denying it; he definitely paints some delightfully erotic and powerful images and there are several gems in Masquerade that everyone should read: “Masquerade” with its precise imagery speaks to our darkest desires. Blurring the lines between love and our need to be wanted whilst Heathcliffe’s Soul might well be the most haunting love poem you will ever read. Veering towards the poetic equivalent of art these are poems that will linger in your thoughts.


A beautiful collection of poetry you will quickly come to cherish. Masquerade is Stephan J Myers at his very best and is recommended without reservation.


Masquerade: An Exploration Of Love & Lust

The Best In Classic Poetry From The Pen Of  Stephan J Myers

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English author Stephan J Myers has achieved number one best sellers with Loss De Plott & The Colour Red, his classic Christmas story The Prayer and Love Lies Within. Author, poet, and artist, his children's series featuring Loss and Ted has built an enthusiastic and global following whilst his paintings  have been purchased the world over.

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