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The victim of an unspeakable crime, an infant rises to become a new type of superhero. Unlike any that have come before him, he is not a fanciful creation of animators, he is real.


So begins the saga of Robert James Austin, the greatest genius in human history. But where did his extraordinary intelligence come from? As agents of corporate greed vie with rabid anti-Western radicals to destroy him, an obsessive government leader launches a bizarre covert mission to exploit his intellect. Yet Austin's greatest fear is not of this world. Aided by two exceptional women, one of whom will become his unlikely lover, Austin struggles against abandonment and betrayal. But the forces that oppose him are more powerful than even he can understand.


Underpinned by a clever and sophisticated plot, high-voltage superhero action makes for a genre busting thriller in Miracle Man by author William R Leibowitz. A highly original and absorbing read, he brings a unique literary voice to an ever burgeoning genre, but with little interest in trite stereo typical heroes or a world that conforms to simplistic tropes where black and white prevails. Yes, Robert Austin is extraordinary, but to simply label him a superhero isn’t enough without understanding what it takes to become a superhero and this is where Leibowitz truly excels. Rendering Austin’s world in shades of grey, he is both flawed and heroic with moments of vulnerability and great resolve. Writing with an acerbic pen and an exacting eye for detail, Leibowitz gives him real room to grow and you have to admire him in his pursuit of authenticity. It creates a real sense of place and purpose into which Austin must ultimately decide where he fits and provides for some splendid twists to his tale.


Superbly written,  and faultlessly excuted,  Miracle Man will raise much interest in Leibowitz and rightly single him out as an author to watch.  Definitetly deserving of a place on your bookshelf, it is recommended without reservation!

BookViral Spotlight On Author William R Leibowitz

Miracle Man

One of Amazons Top 100 Novels of 2015, a Top 10 Thriller and Amazon Best Seller

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