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Imagine waking up from a coma in a hospital bed and realizing that you're connected to three life support machines, unable to eat or speak and the entire left side of your body is paralyzed. Imagine seven months stuck in three hospitals and unable to go home. Five months without the ability to walk. Four months without the capacity to speak or shower. Three months without being able to eat real food. This is what happened to Joseph Parenti, who was broadsided by a speeding, stolen car as he was driving his vehicle on December 5, 1988. His life was turned upside down in a few short tumultuous moments. Mr. Parenti suffered a traumatic brain injury and his heart stopped three times during the ambulance ride to the hospital. This book chronicles his gut-wrenching dramatic journey through a world of maddening medical incompetence and constant frustrations with the sudden severe deterioration of his physical health, as well as his emotional and painful physical recovery. Mr. Parenti's inspirational journey is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit.


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There are movies and fiction full of heartrending stories about extraordinary individuals who triumph in the face of overwhelming odds and there are those for whom it is a reality. Miracle on 91st Street is Joseph Parenti’s story. An emotional and brutally honest story about Joseph’s determination to overcome intense physical and psychological pain and regain the life he once had. This isn’t a saccharin coated tale, it chronicles Joseph’s long road to recovery following a horrendous accident and sustained injuries which pushed him to within inches of his life and with an acerbic pen he has delivered a moving and determined account of recovery which is incredibly uplifting. It certainly isn’t a testament to the competence of the medical institution, but a nuts and bolts reflection on a system that all too often fails to meet the needs of individuals in its care. On this level Parenti’s account is a genuine eye opener. With uncommon candour he shares his fight through fear and despair, leaving the reader in no doubt that what they have read is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit.


A tremendously powerful, life affirming read, Miracle on 91st Street will prove a source of inspiration for many and certainly deserves a place on your bookshelf. It is highly recommended.

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Miracle on 91st Street

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