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Who do you blame when your day job is murder? That’s the question investigators, Detective Inspector Greene, Detective Constable Ford, and their journalist friend Carter are asking, when a popular mystery author is found dead after a party. Were her detective stories based on fact rather than fiction? Did the erotic series she had written, make someone angry enough to kill? The lengths people go to keep their secrets hidden.


Green, Ford, and Carter have to cover two continents to unmask the truth and solve the crimes and the world they find is filled with people better at making up a story than telling the truth. Can anyone be trusted? Together, can they find their way through the tangled web of deceit, lies and half-truths to uncover what lies beneath? Messy marriages, panned authors and Swedish meatballs keep you guessing to the end!


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A welcome throwback to the days of intriguing murder mysteries that didn’t rely on sex and violence to disguise thinly veiled plots, Missing Alibi proves a welcome sequel to A. K. Lakelett's Remember Me. A timely and classic blend of suspense laced with one twist after another it’s one of those rare offerings that actually encourages the reader to solve the crime. Dense with plot intricacies, thick with atmosphere, and packed with a well-nuanced ensemble of characters it’s hard to be innovative in such a popular genre but as with Remember Me, Lakelett does just that. By delivering a stage play disguised as a novel she maintains a real sense of legitimacy and urgency that pervades her pages as multiple narrative threads come together. On this level, she delivers a taught narrative that elevates the Faukon Abbey Mysteries to the next level whilst typically strong character development sees Green, Ford and Carter continue to develop as both eclectic and endearing protagonists.


Sure to be well received by fans of the Faukon Abbey Mysteries, Missing Alibi continues to build on an original theme and one that would transition well to other mediums. It is highly recommended.

Writing Detective stories can be deadly.


Missing Alibi (Faukon Abbey Mysteries Book 2)

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About  A K Lakelett

Growing up as a lonely kid in the Frozen North had one thing going for it, libraries! I was a frequent visitor in every library in every place we moved to. I spent a lot of summers at my grandparents. They had an old house, with an attic and I built my own little hiding place under the eves. I found lots of old books and magazines, and spent hours reading them while listening to the rain. Many of the books in the attic were missing covers or pages, didn’t matter, I read them all, and created my own worlds.

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