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Commander Grant and his crew have escaped from Earth into deep space, dragging behind them a fleet of invading alien ships in a desperate attempt to give humanity's beleaguered defenses a chance to regroup. With their enemy closing in, they plunge headlong into the abyss and find themselves on the far side of the universe, face to face with an oddly familiar alien ally who is intently interested in their survival.


The Lyran race has spent millennia conquering the stars but have finally met a foe which they cannot face. They have not been idle, however, and have made ready for the time when a warrior would emerge from the darkness and lead their civilization to victory. ut nothing in war is as simple as it seems.


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A smart and compelling military science fiction thriller, Deep Unknown takes the Mission SRX series to a higher level as readers are treated to a dark and corrosive assault on humanity with only Grant and his beleaguered crew standing in the way of annihilation. In the context of the overall series the plot‘s not overly taxing, but as is to be expected from White the narrative is spot on whilst the characters are strongly nuanced and multi-layered. It wouldn’t be disingenuous to say that after three novels it boasts a lot of familiar elements, but it has increasingly crossover appeal to non-military science fiction fans. In part this is down to White keeping the strategic warfare aspects of his series grounded in modern day reality whilst the battle scenes are masterfully crafted without the limitations of repetition. Yes, certain aspects are revisited from the previous books, but they never feel played out. With a constant sense of urgency driving Whites plot and characters, it’s easy to get swept up in his dystopian future where the stakes are high and survival teeters on the resolve of one man.


With top-notch writing and relentless pacing, Deep Unknown will certainly better the expectations of White’s followers and leave them hungry for more. It is recommended without reservation.

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And behold the children reached into the darkness, and drew those who are pure into our sky. In our stead, they did defend us, wrapped in the armor of our spirit and wielding the swords of our fathers. Their bodies dust, their souls resolute; with the blessing of The One we shall not perish from the Universe.



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