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Brandy Chambers was looking forward to the birth of her first child. She and Weston move from San Francisco to the small town of Alameda to start a family, she’s writing her second book, and Weston has a fantastic job working on the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge project. Having this baby would make her already-wonderful life perfect.


But when the baby dies after a difficult birth, Brandy’s perfect life blows up in her face. Stricken with grief, she and Weston pull apart. This new distance leads them both to disaster. Not until a chance encounter with her high school friend, Edward Barnes, does Brandy pull herself together. Brandy and Weston agree to recommit to each other, striving to forgive infidelity and recreate their previous existence.


Everything is once again going according to plan—until Brandy discovers she’s pregnant. While she struggles to cope with this new obstacle, Edward Barnes returns to town and discovers she’s having a baby, while Weston is torn between his love for his wife and his anger at her betrayal. Can Brandy manage to keep her marriage to Weston together? Will Edward be a part of Brandy’s life if she and Weston separate?


Our review......

A novel that gives us a fresh look at the meaning of true love, Moon Over Alcatraz is the latest release from Patricia Yager Delagrange. A story that sustains a state of exquisite melancholy in the face of desire, Delagrange delivers a pitch perfect narrative. It feels instantly familiar and yet it really speaks about love in a way that many romantic novels miss by resorting to trite cliché or overzealous dramatization. In the simplest of terms, Delagrange gets it. She eloquently captures the mood of her story with fabulous dialogue and sentimental moments as passions are played out, whilst ably maintaining a delicately-embedded sense of sheer decency which will touch readers of all ages. On this level it’s the mood rather than the love story that prevails, fulfilling an innate need for readers to really connect with her characters, to feel invested in the choices they make and wait on tenterhooks as events evolve. Needless to say, Delagrange delivers on all counts with a cracking denouement.


A delightful and endearing novel, Moon Over Alcatraz is a story to be savoured and sure to garner many more followers for  Patricia Yager Delagrange.  A must read addition to your bookshelf, it is highly recommended!

Author Patricia Yager Delagrange - In The Spotlight

Moon Over Alacatraz

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