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Peril stalked the corridors of the lunar habitat. Fear was its companion. The killer, a woman, fed on that fear. No one in the lunar station was safe from her wrath, not even the fresh, young team that had just arrived from Earth to erect the first lunar space elevator. When completed, the space elevator was destined to be one of the great engineering projects of all time. The unreeling of the space cable had just begun, when the killer struck a vengeful blow. Now, with a catastrophic solar flare flashing overhead, the race was on.


Can Chief Clay Flynn and Senior Tech Lou Santini stop her before it was too late? Can they save the lives of the men, women, and children of the Lunar Station and its life-sustaining resources from total annihilation?


Our review......

Very few science fiction novels are transcendent and work upon our minds and imaginations but Moon Beam proves a spellbinding read from start to finish. There is no sketchy narrative or overblown abstraction just gripping engagement as Burgauer immerses us in his future moon setting. Smart science fiction of a type that’s sadly all too rare this is arguably his best release to date with Moon Beam showcasing his ability to create highly readable novels with sharply drawn characters. With a sense of urgency, the plot is graced by unpredictability whilst his imagined technological advances seem wholly realistic. Fans of the genre might recall The Fountains Of Paradise by Arthur C Clarke which revolved around the  theme of a space elevator and it’s a credit to Burgauer that he is able to solicit a similar sense of awe from his readers in a novel that’s steeped in tense cat-and-mouse chills.


An exciting, intellectually stimulating science-fiction thriller which also connects emotionally Burgauer has again delivered a genuine page-turner and it is recommended without reservation.

The unreeling of the space cable had just begun,

when the killer struck a vengeful blow.


Moon Beam

A Classic Science Fiction Thriller from  Author Steven Burgauer

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