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This book offers a new perspective and understanding of our dreams, the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, the human thought process, and changes mankind may want to initiate.


Do you know the most important question facing mankind? This book not only provides the question but also gives the answer to the question. Hunter’s perspectives are not only unique and original, but refreshing as well. Profound and intelligently presented, it is hard to imagine anyone reading “Multiverse Doppelgängers Change and the Subconscious Mind” and not finding themselves approaching life with a new positive outlook on life. The book covers topics ranging from the possibility of The Multiverse, whether we have Doppelgängers throughout the Multiverse, the powers of the subconscious mind, and changes every human being should seek in this World. This book is highly recommended for anyone wanting to expand their horizons or just read an enjoyable interesting book. If you were not a fan of the writing of C.O. Hunter before this book, you will be after reading this book. Many books contain the same material just re-worded, but Mr. Hunter will give you originality and a book ttyou will not be able to put down.


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Many Cosmologists believe that the vast universe in which we live is just one of an endless number of other universes within a multiverse. It‘s a mind-boggling concept on which to dwell but rather than reiterate established rhetoric Hunter brings a unique and original perspective on which we might want to reflect.  In doing so he asks us to consider the broader mysteries of the human mind, how we construct thoughts, the accumulation of knowledge and the latent power of our dreams. The latter proving particularly interesting with insightful and interesting theories that will engender much reflection. As with his previous releases, How To Train A God and The Earth Experience Hunter demonstrates an innate ability to communicate his thoughts, experiences and observations in a way that makes them much easier to dwell upon. On this level, he encourages his readers to adopt a wider state of mindfulness, to look beyond themselves and develop an informed perspective. More importantly, one that is liberated from the self-imposed constraints of the world about us so that we can bring about positive change in our lives.


Powerful and poignant. Hunter writes books for the mind and soul with Multiverse Doppelgängers Change and the Subconscious Mind proving another exceptional release. It is recommended without reservation.

A Mind, Body and Soul Book That Will Change

The Way You See The World


Multiverse Doppelgängers Change and the Subconscious Mind

The Best In Mind, Body and Spirit Non Fiction From C. O. Hunter

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About C O Hunter

C O Hunter is a military veteran and the owner and publisher of Impact Change Now Incorporated (ICN). My books include the "The Earth Experience" and " How To Train A God". The author’s intent is to provide thought provoking content that allows others to hopefully see the World in new ways and hopefully provide the reader a better reading experience and outlook on life.


ICN was established to encouraging public participation, contribution, and ownership of global and communal issues. ICN promotes improvement, growth, and changes globally through the exchange of ideas, information, and providing accessible resources, and encouraging each individual to conduct their own individual assessments of all current programs, structures, operations, policies, and procedures that impact their daily lives now. The intent of Impact Change Now is not to provide opinions, but encourage each individual human being to develop, re-affirm, and form their own individual opinions, principles, and ideas.

The Earth Experience

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-Antony Flew

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