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Freshman year is just starting, and already Mylee fears her family is falling apart. She’s not interested in dating or any of the high-school drama it brings, but that’s just what she gets when Sam, the most popular guy at school, invites her to the Homecoming dance. Mylee needs advice, so she summons Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, her secret confidant.


Tyson is worried about Mylee, his best friend and teammate. Already sad about her family woes, he’s livid that Slimeball Sam is trying to ooze his way into her life. And she seems to be falling for Sam’s act! Worse, Ty is worried all this attention from such a popular guy will place Mylee officially out of his league.  Can My and Ty save their friendship and discover what matters most?


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A lively engaging teenage novel that takes the familiar and adds a contemporary fantasy twist Ellie Collins returns with her second novel in the Greek Mythology Fantasy Series. Continuing in the same vein as Daisy, Bold & Beautiful this time around she delivers a fun and warm-hearted examination of teenage angst, unlikely camaraderie and stutter-stepped formation of identity with Mylee and Ty at the centre of her musings. Unlike many competing novels that falter because they are self-consciously stylized and feel forced Collins offers us a portrait that is affectionate and, in places, even sweet, enabling us to identify with and embrace her characters at the same time. With an edgy and intelligent narrative and its clear-eyed approach to young romance few seasoned authors get it as good as Collins does when conveying the challenges of coming-of-age. Add to this the contemporary spin she puts on Aphrodite and her marriage to Hephaestus which in turn allows for some agreeable fast banter and some timely reflection and once again Collins has confidently captured the requisite elements of a best seller.


Distinguished from its contemporaries by an original and talented literary voice and a blossoming imagination, Mylee In The Mirror is sure to be well received by fans of the YA genre and is recommended without reservation.

Mylee In The Mirror

What does an ancient Greek goddess know

about modern teenage romance?

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About Ellie Collins

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A YA Fantasy Novel From Award Winning Author Ellie Collins

Ellie Collins wrote her debut novel ~ the first in her middle grade/young adult Greek mythology fantasy series ~ when she was turning eleven and just beginning sixth grade. She finished the second in her series, Mylee In The Mirror, before heading back to school for seventh grade and turning twelve. She writes amid a very busy extracurricular schedule, including a spot on both a gymnastics team and a trampoline and tumbling team, as well as taking weekly piano lessons. She's an avid gamer who loves hanging out with friends. Her love of Greek mythology inspires her writing.

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