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Drachen (A Matthys Rossouw Pursuit Book 1)

David "Hip City" Boglioli, turns his talent to avant-garde literature, with all the passion and ingenuity that has heretofore colored his art. Faced with disillusionment and disenchantment at society and his career, the author turns to crack and soon finds himself homeless on the streets of New York City. Unprepared for the desperate life he now faces, the penman must come to grips with an alien subculture whose values are questionable and learn to survive with nothing but his wits or perish. Having burnt his bridges, does this lost soul long to return to the secure life he s left behind or will he discover a rebel existence that s more appealing and a new conception of individual autonomy.



Our review......

Extraordinarily brave, brutally honest and utterly riveting, Boglioli’s memoir of addiction and life on the streets proves near on impossible to put down. Written to neither warm your heart nor shelter you in the comfort of better fortune he takes us into the underbelly of homelessness in New York and reflects on the soul-destroying cycle of addiction to achieve a remarkable level of intimacy with his readers. Describing his life in exacting detail Boglioli combines acerbic prose with a keen intellect to put human faces on the men and women we see huddled in doorways and sleeping under overpasses as he recounts the struggles and challenges he came to face. Often harrowing, bleak and explicit but always emotionally charged, he shares with us the lengths to which he went to survive. How he ate, how he kept warm and yet for all the darkness it is surprisingly uplifting at times and far from self-pitying. Readers will be affected in different  ways but perhaps most poignant is an appreciation that hard luck and bad decisions can quickly lead us to rock bottom.


No matter how low we sink, Boglioli is proof that we can find our way back

and for this reason alone New York City Bum proves an absolute must read.

It is recommended without reservation.

A close look at an alternative path to personal liberation in modern America.


New York City Bum

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About  David Boglioli

David Boglioli was born in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Outward Bound School, Rider College, and the Culinary Institute of New York. He is the author of the cookbook, Canapés That Work, the novella, Wolf Pack, and Detour, a real-life novel. He has been a professional drummer and a professional chef. Mr. Boglioli was the drummer in Billy Joel’s first band, The Lost Souls, and later became a chef at the acclaimed New York club restaurant “21” and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. He resides with his pets in New York City and Vermont.

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