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The Franco-American psychiatrist Professor J. O’Neill is still proud of the work he did with a couple of Mormon colleagues developing enhanced interrogation techniques for the CIA in places like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and black sites all over the world. But after publication of the U.S. Senate’s report into CIA torture he became a pariah among fellow psychologists in North America and had to move back to France. In exchange for his unorthodox methods of reintegrating into French society violent jihadis returning from their terrorist activities in Syria and Iraq, the French deep state has given him total control of a rundown psychiatric institution in Paris. He continues to use the enhanced interrogation techniques developed for the CIA, reframing them for the French as a form of enhanced therapy. The psychiatric institution in Paris is now known as the Black House. In addition to the returning jihadis, O’Neill experiments on patients with delusional disorders, focusing on how to prevent them from having a greater choice of behavioral patterns than are available to their psychiatrists.


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Take a deep breath and enter the mind of John J Gaynard. An author with a fiery intellect and an imagination to match, his new release  Nobody I Know is sure to captivate its readers as Gaynard takes us on a warped psychological thriller that keeps us guessing till the very end. With its dark and twisted plot, elements of religious fanaticism and the shadowy machinations of a secret French psychiatric facility Gaynard introduces a fresh perspective to popular genre tropes. A protagonist with no name and a first-person narrative that will keep you on tenterhooks from one page to the next as HE takes us on a harrowing journey, Embracing the eccentricities of his characters and revelling in raw uncompromising detail that makes us feel as though we are descending into madness alongside them. You can linger on his prose and imagine the scene he’s describing as a striking still image. "O’Neill bends over me and yanks up my head. He forces his thick, slimy and putrid onion-flavored tongue between my lips and gives me a full-mouthed Russian kiss, imposing on me the full salt taste of recently eaten bacon, scrambled eggs and Turkish yogurt." Nothing is casual and it’s incredibly powerful, leaving us to wonder if the line between the truth, sanity and madness,  is little more than a matter of perception.


An author with a highly distinctive literary voice and a genuine page=turner of a novel  Nobody I Know proves simply superb and is recommended without reservation.

Nobody I Know


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