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“Munro College was recognized as the only high school, and there was to be a one-way street that led up to that winding hillside to the city set upon a hill"


It was truly a city built upon a hill. It was a school that young boys aim to attend and parents hoped their child would be lucky enough to attend. You were considered lucky and fortunate to get accepted. As we read further into Garfield Whyte's memoir, we learn of his appreciation of the simple things like eating and water. The school taught him and other students to be thankful for the basic needs and in such it taught him discipline that could be used in his future life.


Our Review......

Wistful and sentimental Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill is the memoir from Author and Poet Garfield Whyte. Childhood memoirs tend to be told by unreliable narrators as memories can often be partial and selective but Garfield achieves a favourable balance between hindsight and the immediacy of conveying just what it is like to be a teenager. There’s no doubt that Munro College was unique in its time and setting but it takes an acerbic mind to bring it qualities to life in a way that disparate readers can relate to it. Garfield does this through eloquent prose, but more importantly acute observation that conveys the curiosity of youth. In this way his setting becomes almost marginalized and secondary to the impact it has had on his career, aspirations and more tellingly the creative energy that has fuelled his desire to write. There might not be any Eureka moments, but in the normalcy of Whyte’s surroundings there was a future being written and you can’t help concluding that the path Whyte is now walking is the one he’s meant to be on.


Candid in its telling and an intriguing view of an all boys Jamaican boarding school Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill proves something of a gem and is highly recommended.

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Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill

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