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Relax and enjoy reading the story of someone who set out to become a super successful salesperson and found a fun, effective way to meet his goals.


I could list all the reasons why you should read this book, take it to heart, and implement its principles in your own life. To do so would be to commit the same mistake our hero in this book repeatedly made – the mistake that caused him to fail. The downtrend in his sales continued until one day he tried a different approach. He focused on entrancing his customers, rather than peppering them with rapid-fire facts and figures. His product was unique and clearly superior to competing brands, but that was still not enough to convince his customers to buy it. He attended sales seminar upon sales seminar, growing increasingly frustrated that his numbers were not improving. Eventually, he ran into the StorySculptor and learned to captivate customers with stories, not facts. Stories that created an emotional connection for the customer that pure facts simply could not, and almost all of his sales pitches were successful. He also received a flood of word-of-mouth advertising, which increased his sales even more. This book will teach you how to achieve this level of success.


Providing a genuine opportunity to readjust your thinking, No Story. No Business by author Joachim Guenster notably distinguishes itself from a glut of lack lustre offerings with a similar theme and that’s no small statement to make. Told in charming prose Guenster’s narrative is deceptively simple, but effortlessly succeeds in focusing the readers attention, his thoughts delivered in easily digestible chapters which are grounded in established frameworks. On this level, it may not be wholly original, but where Guenster truly distinguishes himself is in the delivery and it really is quite contagious as he distils the essence of sales success into a story that is easily accessible. With the focus on why people buy, there is a powerful emotional edge to Guenster’s work which recognises the critical importance of emotional engagement in the sales process. Not presented as a fait de complete, but in way that allows the readers thinking to evolve as the story progresses and in doing so creates a far more powerful and emotive connection.


A compelling read and a great pitch, No story. No business, proves  an easy-to-understand approach to successful selling and it is strongly recommended.

Author J.T. Story (Joachim Guenster) - In The Spotlight

No Story. No Business.

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