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Ghostly revenge in 19th Century Middle America; a lone passenger boards a train to his destiny; a meeting of minds between a young writer and a mysterious older man; a darkly humorous lesson on the food chain; a prisoner of his own making watches through his window as the world outside goes mad; a dark legacy is inherited at a stately manor house.....and more!


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Highly enjoyable, clever and wholly original, Odd Podge proves a fine debut in the short fiction genre for author Billy Kazee, with a vivid and whimsical imagination prevailing throughout. One of the criticisms often levelled at short story anthologies is that it’s hard to lose oneself in the succinctness of such short works, but Kazee certainly turns brevity to his advantage and the enjoyment of his readers. Avoiding the pitfalls of flat and prescriptive dialogue, he confidently captures the essence of his characters which in turn makes unfolding events all the more poignant. With taut prose he’s mastered the art of expanding upon a given moment, holding his characters and events up to scrutiny then moving on. Weaving illusion and reality in a way that is both cutting and clever. There’s no wanton wittering, each his stories punches above its word count but they are not overstated and in leaning towards stoic settings there’s a powerful sense of familiarity to each one. With a gift for voices and character, the first few sentences of each of his stories have that quality of settling you in for a genuine page-turner.


With Billy Kazee conveying in a few words what many novels take several pages to illuminate, Odd Podge proves a must read for avid fans of short fiction and is highly recommended.

Highly enjoyable, clever and wholly original!


Odd Podge: Five Short Stories, a novella and more

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About  Billy Kazee

My writing, in general, is fairly difficult to label as one (or even two) particular genres. I write from an emotional standpoint, mostly; commentary on the human condition delivered in the form of fictional narrative. My stories, I suppose, could be considered General Fiction, yet there are always factors that could pull the description in various directions---a twist of science fiction, horror, humor or simply quirks that speckle the stories with just a little something more than a literal narrative.


I enjoy most of all media which is provocative, whether subtle or forceful, that generates a reaction (either positively or negatively), makes you think, hangs around long after the movie has ended, the song is over, or the book is read.

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