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Author  Amy J. Smylie - BookViral Spotlight Review

Out of Ashes: Book One of the Grenamoya Island Saga

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The book......

Book One of the Grenamoya Island Saga is reborn in new paperback form. From cult author and illustrator, Amy J. Smylie (www.GrenamoyaIsland.com) comes the first story of her novel series. Ramsey is a goblin with a negative outlook on life, thrust into an adventure beyond his wildest comprehension when the king's son is kidnapped by a dragon. Though not intending to fulfil his promise to save the prince, a chance encounter with Theron, a forest troll, obliges him to trek further across Grenamoya Island - leading to painful revelations for our unwilling rescuer, about his father, his scars and his true origins.


Our review......

A veritable feast for the imaginations of young readers, Out of Ashes is book one of the Grenamoya Island Saga by author and illustrator Amy J Smylie. The start of an enthralling series, it proves a beguiling tale of wonder and delight as Smylie weaves her magic to deliver a timeless adventure that will keep readers spellbound throughout. Told in timely prose and memorable turn of phrase it’s not a tale to be rushed or one that wallows in mind numbing complexity, Smylie’s style is to reveal only what is necessary and in doing so strikes a notable balance between lavish detail and suspenseful narrative. A flawless adventure that defies predictability her characters are thoughtfully introduced, bringing depth and complexity to her tale, but more importantly she makes those all-important existential connections between her characters and the fantasy world they inhabit. On this level the fantasy elements become thematic and less imperative as it’s Smylie’s characters that ultimately drive her plot. In doing so she achieves exactly what fantasy is intended to - it takes us away from our problems and worries for a few hours and leaves us with vivid images that linger beyond the page.


With all the hallmarks of classic fantasy, Out Of Ashes will not only bring a smile to the faces of its readers, but bodes well for future releases in The Grenamoya Island Saga. An exceptional read throughout, it is recommended without reservation!

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