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Do you want to see what outsourcing marketplace is hiding from you? If so, all secrets you didn't know about freelancers are here.......


Outsourcing is changing the way companies all across the globe find and retain the talent that drives their businesses. Yet the outsource marketplace is largely unregulated and fraught with pitfalls, and finding reliable freelancers can be difficult without seasoned, expert advice. Svitlana and Dmytro Zaporozhtsevs built a full service design agency, by harnessing the power of the outsource marketplace. Over the past decade, they've completed hundreds of projects on a wide array of outsourcing platforms to bring outstanding design and marketing services to independent start-ups, government contractors, and Fortune 500 companies. In Outsourcing Tips and Tricks Svitlana and Dmytro share the very best practices for understanding and navigating the outsourcing marketplace, working with freelancers, avoiding fraudulent and low-quality providers, and tapping into the marketplace's vast wealth of talent. Svitlana and Dmytro's experiences, advice, and expertise will empower any business to expand the network of high quality freelancers quickly and easily.


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Short, succinct and highly informative Outsourcing Tips and Tricks: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck proves a must-read for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of outsourcing. An important source of competitive advantage there aren’t many businesses who have not sought advice on outsourcing and there is a dearth of titles on the subject to trawl through but many lose their effectiveness by being mired in too much jargon. Dmytro & Svitlana avoid this by quickly establishing their credentials. Their company, Para-des Pte.Ltd. not only serves as a provider on outsourcing marketplaces, it also acts as a client who hires providers on these markets and they quickly cut to what they see as the single most important element of successful outsourcing. Building the right relationships. With an enviable track record, they use their considerable experience to deliver a blueprint for achieving superior results with ideas and tips that go beyond the fundamentals to create the foundations for success. It's hard to argue with their logic, especially as they explore the pitfalls of low-cost providers.


A must-read for novice and experienced outsourcers,  Outsourcing Tips and Tricks: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck proves essential reading and is highly recommended.

Every business has 'hidden' parts, secrets from the bottom line.

Freelance business is also trying to keep secrets from the clients.


Outsourcing Tips and Tricks: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

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About  Dmytro Zaporozhtsev & Svitlana Zaporozhtseva

From 90s till 2008 we worked in different companies and got experience in different spheres – sales, marketing, design, advertising, publishing and video commercials. From 2008 we combined our passions and experience, and started to work together. Our vision and artistic taste may transform any concept into an art. From print design to web, or mobile application design, we will infuse your company’s new image with our unique sophisticated elegance and class! As the Designers at Para-des, we bring years of experience in branding, corporate identity, printing, web and UX design that exceed our clients’ expectation each and every time!

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