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In 1960, Page Holden leaves her small-town life behind to pursue her dream of becoming a concert pianist. She’s eventually accepted into Ohio State’s prestigious School of Music, but a college campus the sixties can be a tumultuous place for a sheltered Midwestern girl. The master teacher she’s assigned to is the infamously difficult Professor Weiss. But his demanding criticism is tempered by the encouragement Page gets from John, a handsome young doctor with an interest in classical music--and a particular classical musician. Yet even John’s attentions are more complicated than they seem, testing Page’s resolve and identity. Can she stay true to what she believes and still find happiness, even with so many distractions?


A warm and enchanting love story, Page Turner sees Rayanne Sinclair returning to the genre she knows so well. A wonderful mix of heartfelt storytelling and sublime observation where she takes well-worn genre tropes and makes them over from a fresh perspective to deliver an elegant and creative tale. If you've read, Steal Away and Beso Dulce, you already know that you're in good hands with Sinclair’s compassionate prose imbuing each of her characters with the sense of authenticity which make her books a joy to read. There’s genuine warmth to be found within her pages and yet it never comes across as mawkish or allowed to overwhelm the story, whilst the plot engenders a level of intricacy that ably manages to avoid predictability. As with previous books by Sinclair there are no pat answers to the questions her protagonists find themselves asking, no attempt at abstract grandeur, simply strength of personality, purpose and the realisation that our relationships are ultimately defined by the choices we make.


Beautifully written and highly satisfying, Page Turner is another fine example of Romantic Fiction from Rayanne Sinclair and an author who certainly deserves your attention. It is recommended without reservation!

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Page Turner

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