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This quick read sets the foundation for why you want to base all your business strategy and communication (vision, mission, company culture, values, sales, and marketing) on purpose. This book is the precursor to a larger "Building Brands on Purpose Workbook: A Guide for Small Business Owners" that takes you through step by step 8-exercise process of clarifying your purpose as a foundation for all your business messaging, marketing, sales and website copy. If you agree with what you read here, you will be certain the larger and more comprehensive Workbook is for you. All great brands have learned to speak in the motivational language of purpose to attract the right people for the right reasons. It starts by distilling a clear and concise message of purpose. It translates to establishing a captivating vision and mission to defining core values for a unified understanding. Once implemented, the purpose becomes contagious, permeates into the business model and results in a thriving culture of brand loyalty.


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Irrespective of the size of a business success in the main depends on setting it apart from the competition and for this reason alone Power of Purpose: Creating Distinct Patterns through Branding makes an informative read. However, unlike many of the tomes written on the subject of branding Jan Paul Ostendorf strips away the extraneous jargon and waffle to leave us with something both insightful and informative. He reminds us that branding isn’t just about logos, slogans, and ads, that great brands connect meaning to objects and experiences and the foundation of any business should be its purpose. Writing in plain prose it might seem that Ostendorf is stating the obvious but as he clearly demonstrates the majority of businesses still fail to develop a meaningful brand. Equally as important Ostendorf is quick to dispel any confusion as to what branding is. Managing the brand message requires a distinct vocal and visual message and Ostendorf’s chapter on experiencing the brand versus promoting the brand clearly underlines the importance of getting this right.


A powerful guide to taking control of your professional brand Ostendorf dispels the myths whilst providing us with the tools to help create a great brand. A quick and indispensable read for established companies or budding entrepreneurs Power of Purpose: Creating Distinct Patterns through Branding is recommended without reservation.

Written for business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs who are looking to remove communication barriers about their products, services, ideas or business.


Power of Purpose: Creating Distinct Patterns through Branding

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Jän was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. His first business was rebuilding, painting and repairing bikes and reselling them at age eight. His mother was an art teacher, and his father was a freelance illustrator working from home as long as Jän can remember. Consequently, Jän never knew what it was like to have a “real job” and grew up thinking everyone should do what he or she loves and run a small business.


Jän went on to study product, interior space and graphic design at The Ohio State University from 1985–1989 and majored in Visual Communication Design with Bachelors in Sciences of Industrial Design.

Jan Paul

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