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A dark cloud hangs over Europe after the brutal murders of two heads of state just days apart. Growing civil unrest erupts across major cities as protests grow, threatening the stability of national governments. Tasked with finding the perpetrators, federal police of several countries combine forces with Interpol. A tense game of ‘cat and mouse’ is soon underway as the violence escalates. One fact quickly becomes obvious; behind the political assassinations lies a diabolical plot which appears to stretch westward to the United States, implicating the CIA. But do the facts reflect reality or is there yet a more sinister unseen force working behind the scenes to destabilize Europe and NATO. The team of investigators led by Interpol’s Marek Frakas, 'The Wolf' moves quickly to track the perpetrators and uncover the identity of the unseen mastermind behind the conspiracy. This cadre includes the lovely Adrianna, a young forensic weapons expert who can hold her own on the male-dominated international team of investigators. Together they seek to understand reality versus the shattered mirror-like reflections meant to obfuscate the truth and shroud the mastermind’s identity and ultimate purpose.


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For readers who are fans of geopolitical thrillers that make them think and have that psychological twist to them, the ones that you have to go back and read again Pretense is going to prove a genuine gem of a find. The thriller equivalent of a wolf in sheep’s clothing John Di Frances hits all of the notes that you’d expect from this genre whilst bringing a fresh twist to established tropes. With prose that is sharp and concise he gives his readers all the information they need with an impressive eye for detail, the different characters involved, captures the thrill of the chase then pulls the rug from under your feet in a way that only seems obvious with hindsight. Plot-driven he skilfully and deceptively edges his readers forwards as momentum continues to build whilst painting an international backdrop that is bristling with intrigue and authenticity.  As the genre dictates there is clandestine evil at the heart of Pretense. Manipulating events on an international stage, faceless and elusive it’s testing the resolve of the international security services but it’s often the insight of a select few that make the difference and here it is Interpol’s Marek Frakas who along with his intrepid team makes for superb character dynamics.


With a debut novel like Pretense, John Di Francis will soon be nipping at the heels of such masters as David Baldacci and Tom Clancy and it is recommended without reservation.


PRETENSE - Imbroglio Trilogy - Book One

The Best In International Geopolitical Thriller Fiction From John Di Frances

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Dark forces are bent on the destabilization of

Europe and NATO and "The Wolf" is on the hunt!

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Featured in over 35 major broadcast media and publications internationally in regard to Business Innovation & Strategy, John Di Frances is the author of five bestselling business books and he has consulted globally to a wide range of organizations from Fortune 100’s to start-ups.


John’s multifaceted career has included some unusual activities from Advanced  (Black) Military Weapons Systems Design to working undercover in the Caribbean Islands to uncover and seize assets of white-collar criminals. One such assignment included seizing of a $13.6 million dollar estate. He has worked in cooperation with the FBI, RCMP and the Swiss National Police. PRETENSE is his first fictional release and is soon to be followed by Bait, the second novel in the Imbroglio Trilogy

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